Easter Memories Cost 3 Cents

While the ideals of Easter has moved from the Resurrection of Jesus to the idea that a magical bunny breaks into your home and hides candy it has added another section to the family album all along the while also lined the pockets of Mars Inc and some company in Taiwan that makes pastel plastic-lined faux-wicker baskets for $6.99.

For Halloween you have cute little costumes, for Christmas it is pictures with Santa and the toys, summer holiday give us family photos.  The issue with Easter is that it follows the winter holiday’s so funds are typically low and demand for any toys is usually minor.

How do you live up to the hype of Christmas with a small present, or the nastiness of Halloween with tiny candies in an egg?  You don’t.

First, go to Walmart, or if you are a hippy that boycotts the Waltons’ for destroying America, then drive over to the local market and get yourself some baby powder and make your own happiness.

I won’t take credit for this, and neither can my wife… but it is her history, not mine.  Patter some tracks from the door all over the home into rooms with a path left to carrots… and in our home, a pineapple.

Trying to fight with corporate America and t.v. media that Easter is anything more than a “Bunny Holiday” is fruitless, so embrace it.  The amazement on our son’s face this morning with his discovery of tracks is clearly worth the intrusion of corporate sales into holidays.  He is 3 and the belief in a bunny is much easier on the mind then the Rising of a Savior, especially since the notion of death is not in his mind yet, we will cross that line in the 1st grade.


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