About Dad

I know it is going to happen so let us just put it out there now.  “Not Dad of the Year” does not mean I am a dead beat dad, I think I am a great father… or at least I hope I am.  But I am not in a running to win an award for buying my son the best education (I have no money), dressing my son to the nines (I have no style), or helping him become a child superstar (I have ethics).  Fatherhood is not a contest, it is a gift.

I would like my son to grow up with the best childhood possible and be a happy boy.  I want him to learn life lessons the right way and make friends regardless of race, class, and/or social groups.  My success is solely the result of his success in life.  Not financially, but based on being happy in his future.

You don’t win awards for doing the right things, the right things are expected as a parent.

That said, no one should try to be Dad-of-the-Year, just be Dad.

This is a blog chronicling my quest for my son’s happiness and hoping he follows in my footsteps to one day be a father as proud as myself.

And regarding the logo “Raising a Geek of the Future” please don’t take it as an insult, a few people called Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, Lisa Randall, Jack Dorsey, and Stephen Speilberg were once called geeks, today they lead their industry.  Whether or not my son is a physicist, scientist, computer wiz, movie producer or maybe a midfielder I will be happy, but a love for sci-fi, books, math, comics, football and Bruce Lee is highly likely for a child raised in this household.  Too have a son be smart is never an insult.

I hope you read, and I hope you share your thoughts as we grow.


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