Global Warming – Myth or Reality it is Working

So here it is, March, not even spring and the week has been as Jim Carey would say “B-E-A-utiful.”  The New England winter was mild and felt like the break we needed, because after 36 winters I think I was contemplating a move to South Carolina.

But whatever is going on out there is a welcome change to wet and wild post-winter thaws.  The weather should hit 75 today and I will have the evening to spend out running from the police again… yes, the PD.  After a ticket or two I have kept that copper on the run.


This has been a good week for him and Aside from loving to play I noticed something last night.  During his evening “remove the grime” time in the tub he had his back to this aquatic-time supervisor and I noticed a ring around his neck.  Not a dirt ring, but a sun ring from his shirt.

It’s March and he has a slight tan.

That is awesome.

I am glad he is getting the real outdoor air, he sleeps so heavily and exhausted after a day of room to really run and scream.  He had fun times in the house with his learning games  and Christmas toys to occupy his time, but after a winter cooped up in the house, even if it was mild it was still cold, it is nice to watch him run on the soccer field and kick the ball into the net.  We both have fun doing that this weekend. 😉

Last night he and I ate a burger out on the picnic table and he for the first time asked me, “Daddy, How was your day?”  He must have picked it up from t.v. but it was sweet.  And to sit there one-on-one and just talk about my day with him was a treat.  He gets to play all day, and I am rewarded with a 15-minute conversation that will last an eternity.