It’s Awards Night… Or I Just Got Rick Roll’ed on WordPress

A few days ago my Droid chimes that I have a WP notification and low and behold it is a notification for a comment that Jules, a fellow blogger, enjoys my banter and raves about fatherhood enough to pass on the recognition honor bestowed upon her blog by another.  The Kreativ Award.

Now I have a rather cynical view of awards, trophies and more so award shows.  They are for the benefit of the people who need the recognition for their efforts and not the self-pride for their hard work.  Meaning in a pool of 100, one is honored for their efforts whether it be sports, movies or music.  Now on the flip-side I am not the parent that believe every person should be a winner, that mantra is just as silly, if not more so.  I don’t just say it half-heartedly either, every trophy I ever won as a child/teen in sports went into the trash.

But what I did like about this award was not that I could post a silly badge to an awards page I will never create, but that I could take this award and honor and discuss some of my favorite blogs.

So as the rules say, first I must thank the person who took the time to recognize my site:

Jules, Thank you, not for the award, but for reading.  I would rather have 10 loyal readers than an award that says someone liked it just once.  Please don’t mistake this post as a dis-appreciation of the honor, it is just the opposite, I am thrilled you think so highly of my writings to consider me, but if given the choice I would take you as a loyal read in exchange any day.

Read Jules at:

Secondly, is that a word, I must give you 10 facts of myself. (In no particular order)

  • I sometimes wish for a zombie apocalypse so I can put my swords to use and not have to work.
  • A beat up George Brett (virtually worthless) baseball card  I received from my Grammy is still the best gift I ever received for my birthday, I think I was 15.  She was a widow and retired, she found a way to give something with meaning.  How she ever remembered that I liked George Brett I will never know, because the woman could not remember which grandchild was which for the life of her.
  • I sat out in the cold November air for 10 hours to see Prince once.  Election day in 2000, I never cast a vote in the Bush-Gore election and it was worth every moment.  General admission, second row, standing, center.
  • Hearing Johnny Cash sing about love, Life and Loss on his final few albums, through his old and tired voice gets me choked up to hear the pain and feeling in his words.
  • I don’t drink coffee or alcohol, occasionally tea is my stimulant in the AM.
  • I sat down for a spaghetti dinner with Maya Angelou through a twist of fate and was able to talk about writing with her.  To meet a person like that when your name is not David Beckham is something you will think about nearly everyday.
  • I wish I could have stayed in college forever.
  • Save the aliens, Hollywood keeps killing them off.  They watch our movies and will never visit us if they think it means war.
  • I hate to drive, I wish I could live solely on public transportation.
  • I pray thanks every morning for my wife and son.

And finally, recognize my (in no particular order) favorite blogs: