Who is Stripy Horse?

Again we are back with another Kiddie Book review, which I apologize because I am still adjusting to writing.  Stripy Horse was found during one of those bookstore trips where Gavin, our son, wanted nothing to do with the selection process.  His only focus was to play with the other boy in the kids room who was also ignoring his father and playing with the gigantic Thomas train table.  Hats off to B&N for a great room and a tool to distract children when you need a few minutes to read a synopsis, but when you need you child’s attention you might as well be talking to a statue.  After 40 minutes of holding up picturebook after picturebook I finally got a tilted head and a “yaaaah” smile with the a Collection book I just held up because nothing was working, so off we went with The Adventures of Stripy Horse.

Did he chose Stripy Horse because he genuinely thought that was the best book we had shown him?  I don’t think so, I showed him many more books that were his taste and style.  I think I was getting more of a reaction to the silly floppy horse on the cover.  Regardless of fate or innate timing that selected the book, Continue reading