Find Doodlebug!


Isn’t it Goldbug?


Then why do you call it Doodlebug?

I have no clue.

Now that I have just had that conversation with all of you I can blog.

Where’s Waldo is too busy and can be overwhelming for a 3-year old, but Richard Scarry’s books are just perfect.  Simple pictures with a little gold bug named, well… Goldbug hiding amongst the hustle and bustle of Busy Town, USA.

Finding each Goldbug is almost a daily occurring quest in our home, or actually more of a race.  Turning the page and Goldbug hunting is done as fast as possible without care or concern for the actual story.  Scarry books are a 40 page game of hide and seek done trying to garner a time just slightly faster than the day before.

Though I wonder if he even looks at this point, his little fingers seem to go on natural instinct to the next Bug before I can even focus on the picture myself.  Finishing second place night after night is just o.k. though.


Walking Home from The Lorax

While we were waiting for the corned beef to cook and mommy did what ever women do at a baby shower we walked down to see The Lorax.  Another remake in the age of noting original, though it is not really a remake, but more of a second adaptation.  And a very loose adaptation at that, but very nicely done.

He really enjoyed the film, and for a children’s movie I did rather enjoy it… not like the three times I sat through Chipmunks Part 3 this summer.  Made by the guys who created Despicable Me and almost as good, Lorax would get an A- from the in child in me.  My wife would say my inner child dominates my personality, she may be a bit more right than wrong.

On the way home I thought I would try to be philosophical dad and talk about nature and how important it is to all of us and he looks up at me and says:

GG: Dad You silly! I like trees, but Lorax wasn’t about trees!

Me: Well what is it about?

GG: I don’t know.  (His favorite words, even when you know he knows the answer)

Me: Is it about promises?  Or maybe doing what you are told when a wise man warns you not to?

GG: Yes, bad things happen when you don’t keep your promises.

Me: Well then just remember what you promise, your word is very important to keep when you make a promise.  Ok?

GG: (Looks at his feet for a moment) Ya…..

GG: (Then looks up with the epic-eyes that I know I am in for something good)  Dada, I promise I will never let you down.

Me: (Speechless) Thank you bud.  (What else can you say when a 3-year old drops that line.)

We may think we are the teachers of our children, but sometimes they surprise us and let us know that they have it under control.

Love you bud.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a Cooking Expedition

I am pretty sure I don’t have a lick of Irish blood in me, I could be wrong, I have most else.  My wife does, so therefor my son has some green blood and not of the alien kind, of the erin-kind.

Since she cooked our first corned beef, which I have never had prior… maybe because I was raised in an Italian heritage household, I have been hooked.  We usually buy a few beefs for the day and then a few to freeze to make some months down the road for a craving day

This year mom is off at a baby shower and dad is cooking.  Oh boy.

We have two briskets, 5 pounds of potatoes and a cabbage half the size of the boy.  I am a horrible cook, so I was only on hand to handle the hot water and peel and cut the potatoes.  The boy handled all the intricate and important aspects of the preparation.

  • Handing the unpeeled potatoes
  • Washing the potatoes
  • Putting them in the bowls
  • Opening the carrots
  • Wearing his Celtics apron
  • Recruiting Uncle Mike

Without him the dinner would be failure for sure.  The brisket is slow cooking for a few hours and in the meantime we are going to take a walk down to the theater and watch the new Lorax movie.  We are both very excited about the food, and the movie.

Potato Power!


I know it is going to happen so let us just put it out there now.  “Not Dad of the Year” does not mean I am a dead beat dad, I think I am a great father… or at least I hope I am.  But I am not in a running to win an award for buying my son the best education (I have no money), dressing my son to the nines (I have no style), or helping him become a child superstar (I have ethics).  Fatherhood is not a contest, it is a gift.

I would like my son to grow up with the best childhood possible and be a happy boy.  I want him to learn life lessons the right way and make friends regardless of race, class, and/or social groups.  My success is solely the result of his success in life.  Not financially, but based on being happy in his future.

You don’t win awards for doing the right things, the right things are expected as a parent.

That said, no one should try to be Dad-of-the-Year, just be Dad.

This is a blog chronicling my quest for my son’s happiness and hoping he follows in my footsteps to one day be a father as proud as myself.

And regarding the logo “Raising a Geek of the Future” please don’t take it as an insult, a few people called Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, Lisa Randall, Jack Dorsey, and Stephen Spielberg were once called geeks, today they lead their industry.  Whether or not my son is a physicist, scientist, computer wiz, movie producer or maybe a midfielder I will be happy, but a love for sci-fi, books, math, comics, football and Bruce Lee is highly likely for a child raised in this household.  Too have a son be smart is never an insult.

I hope you read, and I hope you share your thoughts as we grow.